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DakLak Goat Cooperative

"Goat Value Chain Development" is our Inclusive Business model that technically supports and finances to goat farmers . We try to approach 10,000 goat farmers who live in Base of the Pyramid in DakLak provice, Vietnam.

Mr. Peter Nguyen
DakLak Goat Cooperative, Vietnam

My Pledge

1. Policy advisory support:

DakLak Goat Cooperative is committed to supports all IB policies.

2. Inclusive and sustainable business development:

Dak Lak Goat Cooperative will provide 10 days of pro-bono coaching for inclusive business in SEA countries within "Goat Value Chain Development" theme.

3. Access to finance:

Dak Lak Goat Cooperative is willing to support the development of a regional risk reduction facility.

4. ASEAN Inclusive Business Knowledge hub/centre:

Dak Lak Goat Cooperative will provide training to inclusive businesses on impact measuring and managing.

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